Orange County Children’s Book Festival

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does it cost to participate?

We have a range of prices to accommodate different needs and budgets. You can find this year’s current pricing on the Exhibitor application.

Please click HERE to visit the Exhibitors main page and review the application.

Seems a little expensive for one day. Why is that?

As a non-profit organization, we try to keep the costs as low as possible while still providing a quality event. We understand that everyone needs to work within a budget but we believe the value of the benefits exceeds the cost.

What does the cost of a full-sized booth include?

  • Exposure to over 7,000 families that care about books, reading, and education.
  • Professional, family-friendly entertainment throughout
  • Opportunity to network with other authors, illustrators & vendors
  • Freedom to decorate your booth for better engagement with visitors
  • Customized banner with your name
  • 8-month listing on our website
  • Listing in our Festival Guide
  • Booth with canvas canopy and back
  • Table, two chairs, wastebasket. Extra chairs upon request.
  • FREE Parking and admittance for all festival attendees!

What is the Author’s Corner?

The “Author’s Corner” (AC) is a paid spot as an exhibitor that is shared with up to five (5) other authors in a 40′ long X 10′ wide covered booth. Each author has a 6′ table and two chairs and a name tent card. The AC booth was created so first time authors or authors with a single book could afford to be at the Orange County Children’s Book Festival. Authors with multiple books and/or elaborate costumes and a extensive marketing materials are encouraged to have a full, personal 10′ X 10′ booth.

Code of Conduct, Responsibilities and Guidelines for participation in the AC are as follows:

  • Complete the exhibitor application and term & agreement documents
  • Pay the AC exhibitor fee
  • No costumes extended off the body
  • No moving the tables
  • There is no electricity provided in the AC
  • Special needs/accommodations requests should be addressed to Susan Delaney
  • Be respectful of the other authors and their audience (no loud music or crowding into their space, etc)
  • If placing an ad in the OCCBF Festival Guide, ads must meet with payment and artwork deadlines
  • Keep your area clean
  • Must clear away all materials and trash at the end of the Festival

Do you do booth sharing?

We will not assign anyone to a shared booth but we do allow for booth sharing. If you would like to find others to share the cost of a booth space you may do so as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • Everyone who is participating needs to fill out their own application noting who they’re sharing a booth with.
  • We will accept either a single payment for the full cost or separate payments from each participant so long as they note who they’re sharing a booth with. If you are doing separate payments please note: YOUR BOOTH WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED UNTIL IT IS COMPLETELY PAID FOR
  • Each booth comes with 1 identifying banner, 1 six foot table, and 2 chairs but you may request an additional 2 tables and 4 chairs. Only one banner will be printed so YOU will need to decide how it reads. Additional banners or signage may be brought and hung within your booth.
  • If you chose to share your booth with others you agree to not hold the Orange County Children’s Book Festival liable for any problems that arise from sharing the space.

If you are open to sharing your booth and would like help finding others, please let Tina Crawford know and she will help connect you.

Can authors sell books during the festival?

Yes! Part of our mission is to support authors and illustrators to reach their audiences and sell books!

How many books should I bring?

The amount of books you bring has several variables. The most important aspect of selling your books is having some kind of engagement with the crowds. At the Festival there are many opportunities for families to purchase books so your presence needs to be fun, engaging, and attention getting. Another consideration is book pricing. Feel free to offer lower prices during the festival, and be sure to have several autographed copies at the ready.

Do I need to bring a table?

No, we provide 1 six foot table in each Author Corner or 10×10 booth and 2 six foot tables in the larger sized booths. You may request extra tables if you need them. We recommend bringing your own tablecloth.

Do I need to bring an EZ Up for shade?

All festival Exhibitors and Author’s Corner participants are seated in tents with a cover, back wall plus two half walls. As the sun moves throughout the day there may be times when the sun is directly facing the booth. We recommend having a visor or hat and sunscreen.

In the Author’s Corner booths, is there a place to display posters and other marketing materials?

Yes, you will have about an 8 foot space behind your table to set up banners, posters and any other information. We ask that you are mindful of your neighbor and don’t encroach upon their limited space.

I want to participate! What do I do?

We’re so glad to have you! All you have to do is fill out the Exhibitor application, choose which booth spot works for you, then send in your payment and completed application. Everyone fills out the same application no matter if you’re a food vendor, author, publisher, or company. You’ll also need to print and sign the Terms & Conditions for Exhibitors; you won’t need to send that in but we ask that you retain your signed copy in case we ask for it.