Orange County Children’s Book Festival

Illustrator & Inspiration Stage

Watching an artist create their famous characters spell bounds young and old alike. You will want to meet and learn how Characters from Disney, Sesame Street and your favorite books are drawn up close!

2019 Illustrator & Inspiration Stage Schedule

Emcee: Sean Engard
Stage Manager: Ronda Latham

10:20 Danielle Gillespie-Hallinan Moose Mischief: A Pancake Surprise!
10:45 Erik Orejel Slicker McQuicker and Friends
11:10 Vincent X. Kirsch How I Learned to Fall Out of Trees
11:35 Michael Hale Bad Monkey Business
12:15 Jed Doherty Magic & Inspiration
12:35 Steve Gray Wild Zoo Train
12:55 Brigette Barrager Vlad the Rad
1:15 Scott Sussman Silly the Seed
1:35 Steve Gray There Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea
1:55 Rufina Park We Love You Whale
2:15 Thomas Leavitt Don't Look Under the Stairs
2:35 Jed Doherty Magic & Inspiration