Orange County Children’s Book Festival


S.T.E.M. Stage

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM fields are found in every aspect of our daily lives. The Orange County Children’s Book Festival hopes to inspire young children and adolescents to learn more about STEM related fields and literacy by visiting our newest stage. We believe STEM learning and knowledge helps our youth to develop a passion for STEM in their daily lives and for scientific and technological innovations.

We know STEM learning enhances our children’s opportunities to become the critical thinkers, innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders. STEM learning helps our youth to better solve pressing 21st Century challenges for themselves, their families, their community, our nation and our world.

The inspiring and engaging presentations at Orange County Children’s Book Festival STEM Stage, make learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fun and interesting. We hope to create a positive and lasting STEM impression for everyone. Watch the video to learn more about our STEM presenters and their stage times.

STEM STAGE presentations are held

INSIDE the OCC Library next to the Planetarium

S.T.E.M. Stage Schedule