Orange County Children’s Book Festival

Timeless Learning, Inc.

“To inspire the joy of reading and love of books for families.”


Our vision: “Every child will read”

We are driven by the belief that, a child that loves to read at a young age will also love to read as an adult and be a more successful and contributing citizen of the world. This mission is accomplished by an all-volunteer team working year round with two projects:

1. The Orange County Children’s Book Festival.

The cornerstone of Timeless Learning, Inc. is the production of the annual FREE Orange County Children’s Book Festival. The Orange County Children’s Book Festival connects families and educators with popular local and national authors, illustrators, storytellers and literacy advocates.

a. Our strong belief is that every child regardless of social or economic status deserves the opportunity to meet, engage and learn from authors and illustrators while discovering the enjoyment books provide our lives.

2. “Kids Read” Book Drive Program.

The Orange County Children’s Book Festival’s is partners with the “Kids Read” book drive program which collects and distributes tens of thousands of gently used and new books to needy areas, Title One schools, Boys & Girls Clubs and hospitals, disaster areas and other nations in need.


Timeless Learning, Inc. Board of Directors:

Tom Brown, President

Tom Brown, Esq.
Haight Brown & Bonesteel LLP

Peter Montoya, Vice President

Peter Montoya
Vice President
ThriveUnion Founder & Executive Director

Pat Burns, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Pat Burns
TLI Co-Founder
Executive Director

Tyler Holcomb, Director

Tyler Holcomb, Ph.D.
Staff, Burning Man Project
The Harold & George Fund

Alan Bartlett, Treasurer

Allan Bartlett
Financial Coach, The Breakaway League

Kathy Cichelli, Director

Kathy Cichelli
Past President Irvine Public Schools Foundation,
Past President Nat. Charity League, Irvine
PTA President

Mike Kobrin, Director

Mike Kobrin, Ph.D.
CEC Global Events

Sharon McCubbin,

National Board Certified Teacher and Education Consultant,  Global Education Influencer, AMI Montessori Teacher

Lee Winocur Field, Director

Lee Winocur Field, Ph.D.
Retd. Professor of Ed., Nat. University; Former, President and CEO, Intl. Center for the Teaching of Thinking;  Retd. Asst. Superintendent, HBUHS District


Wendy Alane Adams, Director

Wendy Adams
Founder, Rise Up Foundation;
Frmr. CFO, Adams Steel;
Children’s Author

Julie Clevenger, Director

Julie Clevenger, MPA
Coast Colleges, Director,
Chancellors Office Operations
& Governmental Affairs

Barry Ackerman, Ph.D.
TLI Co-Founder
Chief Book Donor,
Kids READ!

Timeless Learning, Inc. is a public benefit, non-profit, tax exempt corporation
EIN 20-0985256 dba Orange County Children’s Book Festival.
3857 Birch Street · Suite 414 · Newport Beach, CA · 92660