Teen, Young Adult and Children’s Favorite Authors

Many popular authors will be attending the Orange County Children’s Book Festival this year.  You will want to meet them and listen as they read from their books on stage or in an exhibitor’s booth.  Most will be signing their books creating a treasured purchase.

There are 5 stages to visit.

Our main stage has been host to Jamie Lee Curtis, Holly Robinson Peete, James Doti, Ph.D, J* Smith, Caitlin Crosby, Michael “Papa” Drake, a.k.a. “Mr. Pickles“, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar  and more.

On our YA Stage, authors of books for young adults will capture the interest of our older readers.

The Animal stage has always been a favorite for readers of all ages. Many of the books include real life animal counterparts to demonstrate and entertain.

The Storyteller Stage has always captivated the attention of adults and young readers alike. Some of the most talented storytellers of the festival will spin a yarn for you.

And finally, some of our authors do double duty as illustrators as well. But our Illustrator stage includes some gifted artists that demonstrate what it takes to be a children’s book illustrator.

John Archambault author of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom will return as a featured author!

Confirmed 2013 Authors as of 9/12/13


  • John Archambault             Chicka Chica Boom Boom
  • Nicole Bannister                The Mountain Lion and the Bee Girl
  • Sal Barbera                            Mary Elizabeth: The Spotless Cow
  • Gladys Barbieri                    Pink Fire Trucks / Rubber Shoes
  • Scott T. Barnes                     Rancho San Felipe
  • Jen Barton                              Fiona Thorn and the Carpacem Spell
  • Etan Boritzer                         What is? Series
  • Brian Breault                         You Can Say a Lot with Words
  • Ali Breidenstein                   Iris Brave – Soul Jumpers
  • Barbara Brauner                  OMG: The Glitter Trap
  • Lorraine Holnback Brodek      The Tale of Peeky Pepper
  • Mary Brodsky                      Forever Forest Series
  • Paulina Brown                     Puppy’s Party
  • Cindy Davis                          We’re Doing WHAT for Summer Vacation?
  • Cindy Delgado                     Watch Out Little Egg!
  • Conor Dubin                         Kate’s First Mate
  • Marion Duthie                     The Adventures of Pussie Whoosie
  • Bruce Edwards                    The Age of Amy: Bonehead Bootcamp
  • Tara Fairfield                      Makai Queen
  • Sherri Fink                           The Little Rose
  • Chris Francis                       How to Sneak Your Monster into School
  • Jenni Garrick                      Pigs and Strawberries
  • Steve Gray                           Cow Can’t Sleep and Others
  • Maggie Grinnell                 The Ketsup Bottle and the Takeover
  • Keisha Harris                      Alley Petes Adventure
  • C.A. Hartnell                       Scary Spring et. al.
  • Henry Herz                          Nimpentoad
  • Sharron Hopcus                  Poppie the One-eyed Pug
  • James Horvath                    Dig, Dogs, Dig
  • Craig Inglis                          Lucky
  • Patrice Karst                      The Invisible String
  • Danielle Kellet                   Algernon the Alligator
  • Lynelle Kerstine-Woolley  Camelia and the Fabulous Flower Girl
  • Rose Langie                        Lena Jellie Beana -Science Matters

  • Scott T. Langteau             Sofa Boy
  • Bob Lawrence                    Walter the Slow Moving Turtle
  • Sylvia Leiberman             Archibald and the Swiss Cheese Mountain
  • Susan L. Lipson                 Knock on Word
  • Keith Lohnes                      Windsor the Bullied Wooly Mammoth
  • Lori Lopez                          The Fairy Fly
  • Dorothy Macropol           Ivan the Hamster Knight
  • Leslie Margolis                  Secrets at the Chocolate Mansion
  • James Iver Mattson        OMG: The Glitter Trap
  • Jason O. Monroe               In Through the Out World
  • Bethany Morton-Gannaway   The Magical Mailbox
  • Randy Morrison                Seven Moon Circus Series
  • Valerie Murphy                The Gumshoes Series
  • Stacy Erin Myers               Lil Bug, Mio, Maremaid
  • Kip Noschese                    Otto and the Grand Prix Bees
  • Melissa Northway            Penelope the Purple Pirate
  • Imee Nudas                        Patch and Friends’ Magical Christmas
  • Aviva Orr                            The Mist on Bronte Moor
  • Andrea Ortiz                      Snowflakes in June
  • Arletha Pappas                 Ballerina Bunny
  • Brent Poppen                   Playground Lessons:  Friendship & Forgiveness
  • Jim Richard                     Blue Bink Likes to Think – Colors
  • Chris Robertson               The TOOTH That’s on the Loose!
  • Alexandria Rosas            The Prince of the Universe
  • Hayley Rose                       Fifo the Bear Series
  • Jennifer Sambito             Frances and Hoppy
  • Jennie Samuel                   Beyond the Pond
  • Natalia Scalise                  The Magical Book
  • Bob Shea                             Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great
  • KC Sherwood                    Midnight at Moonglows
  • Ann Stalcup                      Flores Family Cafe
  • Vicki Taylor                     A Birthday Cake Like Me
  • Michael Thal                     Goodbye Tchaikovsky
  • Veronica Torres              My Mommy’s Sweater
  • Stacie Isabella Turk          Macaroni and Cheese
  • Susie Vanderlip                 The Story of Chester
  • Valerie Wicks                     Into the Red World
  • Rosemary Wells                Max and Ruby Series
  • Jo Whipp                            Rainbow Rita
  • Lisa Wiehebrink                Love Me Gently
  • Dawn Williams                   To This Very Day Series